The best products on the market

In L’Arrosseria we are very clear that without the best products it is very difficult to stand out. The raw material with which we make our dishes is selected with great care; so that the result is up to what our customers expect. Rice from the Delta de l’Ebre, olive oil from first cold pressing are some examples of our involvement with Quality.

The menu of L’Arrosseria is a specialization implicit in our environment, our region. If you think on Rice, you should think on L’Arrosseria. But here it does not end, because we have more dishes so that your experience is complete a pica-pica as a starter or a rice tribute to the Iberian pork with trumpets of death, delight any diner. Remember, if the salads, croquettes and bravas are good, you have entered a great restaurant.

A good culinary experience has the best selection of wines. Our sommeliers make a very careful menu, thinking of all kinds of tastes. We select the most quality wines, such as the house wine, a Xarel·lo called Parasol, natural wines selected directly in the vineyards, the best international wines…

We travel constantly to find the best Product for every moment.


L'Arrosseria, an experience for young and old

Our team of professionals, or rather, our “family” of professionals, constantly thinks about the diversity of the public that visits us. Together, we create a special menu for the little ones to enjoy as much as the older ones. Let’s not forget that many families visit us, and the children of the house are very demanding clients. Our idea is to bring the Rice to the maximum possible public, but without forgetting the preferences of the children, we are also parents…

You already know us a little bit more, the next step is to get closer to enjoy it in the first person. You can choose a weekend with family, friends … or perhaps from Monday to Friday between working hours, you choose. On our website you can download our daily menu and also our general menu.